Sunday, November 29, 2015

Drinking and Driving

There are many reasons not to drink or do drugs and get behind the steering wheel of a car. Statistics show how being inebriated affect your timing in the event of an accident. Putting on the brake can be delayed significantly if a person is under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering drug. Swerving during driving, or crossing the yellow line can cause a head on collision. Often times, people will go the wrong way when they cannot effectively read and process signs on the highway. Speeding or slowing down can result in accidents if other drivers are not very careful. Accidents are:

      1. deadly. Drinking and driving can have devastating effects on not only the driver, but anyone involved in an accident. Pedestrians, bikers, or even people in another vehicle are not exempt from becoming hurt or worse. Death may not be the worst thing that could happen. Personal injury could mean a vegetative life or a paralyzed life after such an incident. It’s also possible to have a jail sentence after a wreck caused by alcohol. Or, could you imagine trying to live the rest of your life knowing you had hurt someone else, or possibly killed someone? It would be a hard thing to get over or live down, to be involved in a terrible wreck, knowing you could have easily avoided it.

      2. costly. Perhaps no one was involved in the accident but you. Maybe you just wrapped your car around a tree, or took out a fence post, or mail box. Maybe you didn’t even have an accident-just got stopped by a police officer. Insurance fees and fines are just a few of the costly items that follow any issue involving a conflict with the police, assuming you get to keep your license. Losing your license will eventually happen if you don’t take care of your habit. It will just be a matter of time.

       3. ignorant. Accidents happen. There is no shame in having an accident. However, there is if you caused the accident by being intoxicated. Everyone knows that it is against the law to drive a vehicle if your mind is impaired with alcohol or drugs. It is illegal. It is illegal for a good reason. Safety. It is illegal for our safety, and others who are on the road the same time we are. It is plain dumb to try to operate machinery when you cannot even walk a straight line.

Drinking and driving have been the cause of many accidents. As a result, many lives have been altered, and never in a good way. Parents have lost children, brothers and sisters have been left alone, and children have been left homeless due to excessive drinking, and the bad decision to drive. Driving is a responsibility every driver must take very seriously. It is not worth the risk of getting hurt or hurting someone else. Be smart- don’t drink and drive.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The American Flag

I feel the need to make a stand for patriotism. What has happened to the state of mind of the American people that they have lost their respect and love of the American flag? There are many reasons to have a bond with the symbol of our country.

1. The flag represents the United States of America, with each star representing a single state, sewn on a sea of blue background, depicting the unity. There are thirteen white and red stripes that represent the first thirteen colonies that became states. The history of our flag brings a solidarity and closeness to our people, some of which easily become disgruntled with our government. Flags bring out the best in our optimism for the future and what the future holds.

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2. The flag represents our American troops. It stands for the sacrifice these generous men and women face for our country and her people. Those military veterans give of their time and service to protect America’s shores. They deserve the respect of those of us who enjoy our freedoms. Our fore fathers fought for that flag and many, many young men and women have given limbs, sometimes two, three, and even four. Their lives must go on. Many of our troops come home in whole bodies, but are never the same mentally. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is often a problem. This could be because of war, or seeing a friend or buddy die from explosions, or bullet wounds.

3. We have a moral responsibility to teach our children to have a love and respect for our country and her flag. We must take them to Fourth of July parades, and let them see our veterans salute our flag. They need to see us have faith in our god and our country, and learn to appreciate the gifts we have been given, simply by being born American. If we weren’t born here, but have chosen to come here, we should have an even greater respect and love for our country. We live in the greatest nation on earth. We have an obligation to show it.

We owe our country much. We must show dignity and reverence to our flag. Others emulate our actions. If we lead in patriotism; it just might catch on. I am disgusted when I see someone walk on our flag, or even let it touch the ground. It has led the way in every country America has fought for. A love for the flag should be nurtured.